How to Participate

The arts increase self-confidence, enhance creativity and communication skills, and improve the International Winter Painting Competition will be a great learning experience for the participants. Professional artists will judge the competition based on originality, creativity, technique, and presentation and determine the winners.

Step 1

Complete your painting on relevant topic.

Step 2

Click 2 clear photographs, one of your painting and another one of your child holding the painting in his/her hand.

Step 3

Register here, Pay the Fee and Upload your photographs.

Guide to filling the registration form.

Registration Step 1

Basic Info

You have to fill your basic details in first step and then click on Next...


Registration Step 2

Payment Details

You have to fill your basic Credit / Debit card details.

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Registration Step 3

Other Information

You have to fill detail information about student and submission...

Registration Step 4

Other Information

Furthermore, You will have to provide details about your schools and mentors

Registration Step 5

Other Information

At last you have to upload your painting and some other following information.

Congratulations! You have successfully filled the form.

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