International Painting
Olympics '24

Open for KG-12

GEMA has always stood for promoting art and art practices in the Schools through various Art Contests. The International Winter Painting Competition has touched the lives of thousands of creative & innovative kids.

The activity has been designed to nurture the child’s creativity & motivate them to think in an innovative manner. The contest is conducted with immense professionalism and has a fair and impartial judging process, bestowing the contest with unparalleled credibility.

Students from Kindergarten to 12th  are invited to participate in 5 clearly divided groups. Each group receives an exciting and relevant topic and everyone gets Digital Certificates.

So, come be part of the Coolest Art Competition!

Every Participant will get a Certificate!

Trophy, Prize & Certificate

  • 1 Each of First, Second and Third Prize Winner in each group
  • 5 Appreciation Prizes in each group
  • Every participant will get a Digital Certificate.
  • School Level Winners for School with 50+ Entries.

Dos & Dont's

  • We will accept only 1 entry per registrant.
  • Do not submit works of digital art or craft.
  • We appreciate originality and creativity. Copying and coloring pre-printed drawing is not acceptable.
  • Quotes or slogans or if participants wish to write a few words to explain their creations, it can be written on the picture.
Amazing Masterpieces of our little Artists participating from across the World!
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